For your "unplugged" lifestyle

About us

Today’s music chanel, using electronically instruments are popular, 

but even such a generation, there is the lifestyle called "unplugged" that uses only piano, acoustic guitar, etc.

We want to present lifestyle items to be "unplugged" lifestyle same as that unplugged live.

"unplugged" items that we believe

Too much convenience is inconvinience


We also feel it is convenience when we see the item that has many function, but normal we do not use each function manytimes, or hard to use because of too many function. We focus the item that we feel "It is enough". 


Enviromental and more

We do not feel comfortable it is only "Environmental Free" because it is normal in today. We present good design, function item with considering environment.


No matter how much it is

We do not believe that expensive one is good and cheap one is bad. We select item with considering design, function, and environment totally.

Company Profile

Name: unplugged Co., Ltd.

Address: 2-55-8-303, Sangenjyaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0024

Established: 4th July 2011

Capital: JPY2,500,000

Setlling date: The last day of June

Business: Wholesaling imported and original lifestyle items, Consulting of import / export and brand, OEM/ODM business, and manage web shop

Bank: Setagaya trust bank, Rakuten bank, Mitsui Sumitomo bank






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